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Happy New Year!

BLESSINGS AT WILL'S WAY - January 1, 2014 -
By: Re Holliday

We are excited about 2014 and all the work we can perform to help those young and old who will be sent to us by God. Will's Way exists to share our own experiences and love of God to those who might feel the anger or hurt from a tragic loss or abuse of all types.

Our camps are, already, being planned and will be posted soon. Thanks to all of those who keep encouraging us by inquiring this early about these camps. And, yes , we are planning our ladies retreats as well.

Bertha's book is in the final stages of illustration and should be going to our editor, soon. Her friend Lillie, the short necked giraffe, is coming to life in illustration and text as well. The story has already been written for publishing and now begins the process of refinement and illustration for Lillie.

Many, many thanks to our sponsors and Friend donors for their much needed financial help. We could not exist without it.

Please pray for those who in 2014 will encounter their own tragedy or loss. No one plans to do so.

Keep us in your prayers, also.

We schedule speaking engagements about Will's Way.  If you would like a presentation about Will's Way made to your church or organization, please call (256) 357-4035.

Will's Way Camps 2014
Brief Description of Our Camps - click for more

Brief Description of 2014 Camps

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God's Butterfly

We thought you might enjoy this picture of the butterfly,
which came to all of our 2013 children's camps.

It would land on the children's noses each time.

They were all very protective of this, their butterfly.
It brought a lot of joy to us.


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Will's Way is a spiritual retreat open to God's children of all ages who have experienced loss, tragedy, and crisis.  Here you are given a chance to heal with others who have walked your path ahead of you.  We want to help by offering you the love and inspiration of our staff and volunteers, the understanding and mutual support of other guests, the beauty of nature and unconditional acceptance and affection of our pets, and the never-ending grace and comfort of our heavenly Father.
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We appreciate your prayers and support.  May God bless you.
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